SAP Client Copy Tools

A new breed of software provides a new way to reduce your SAP test
system space utilization, while giving your production support
teams fresh, reduced size client copies of production data and
configuration in DEV and QA.

Installed at over 200 clients worldwide, DSM Client Sync ™ allows
you to restructure your client/system landscape, improve your testing
quality, and save money on disk space at the same time.

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The SAP Data Dilemma

As your SAP landscape ages, the quality of data available for testing in your DEV and QA systems atrophies. A short answer is to do a system copy from production to QA - but this is expensive on disk space and destroys in-flight projects.

Doing a system copy from production to DEV is not an option. This dilemma makes it difficult for the production support team to effectively test changes due to a lack of good, current data. The standard SAP client copy tool runs slowly, and does not give you the opportunity to copy a subset of production data.

Hence the need for an entirely new generation of client creation and landscape management tools.

Client Sync

Client copy the most recent production data to your test SAP system, selecting the data by time slice and/or profile eg. config only, master data only, master and transaction data, HR only, custom excludes at the table level and much more.

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Object Sync

Copy data real time at the business object level on demand. A functional tool for individual records or group of data, including the ability to scramble sensitive fields. Also used for incremental refreshes of specific data after the client was refreshed.
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SAP landscape strategy

Object Sync™ and Client Sync™ opens the door to a far more sophisticated way of managing your SAP landscape. Learn what is now possible, including how to implement a completely improved testing strategy for the functional and development teams using the power that these tools unlock.
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